Services of Individuals

Occ Psych offers assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, regulating emotions, trauma, grief, positive health behaviours and workplace issues including mediation.  Treatment approaches are evidence based including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psycho-education, Mindfulness, Relaxation and Meditation.
Pain Empowerment Program (PEP)

PEP works with people who are struggling with persistent or “chronic” pain, as well as emotional difficulties that can accompany pain.  Persistent pain is a complex experience that affects many aspects of life: work and leisure activities, relationships, emotions and coping. Often people feel confused and worried by pain that continues for weeks or months and may find that life starts to become dominated by pain.

“Inside every chronic patient is an acute patient wondering what happened.”

–  F. Marcus Brown, 2002

We recognise that the best treatment for chronic pain addresses all parts of the pain experience. Each person’s pain is unique, and all pain is real. We invite people to learn new ways to manage the physical aspects of pain and the ways it impacts on their lives.

Workplace partnership programs
The growth of an organisation is maintained and strengthened when the leadership is not distracted by staff issues.  At Occ Psych we partner your workplace with an experienced Psychologist and proven tools to improve morale, civility and efficiency, so you can return to focusing on the future and growth of your organisation.  Occ Psych offers critical incident debriefing, workplace civility programs, workplace mediation, sexual harrassment training and leadership and career coaching.
Clinical Supervision
Occ Psych offers relevant board approved clinical supervision.
Occ Psych also provides support via Telehealth.
Industry series
Occ Psych offers 3 hour workshops for various industry groups at nominal cost.  Workshop topics include; Self care, Caring for others, Building resilience, Dealing with customer agression.